"My story starts back in late 2017 when I was accepted into an entrepreneur program known as Draper University. I was 15 years old at the time and had creative ideas that I always wanted to tackle, but had no idea where to start. I lacked the funding to go to the school, which led me to start my own dropshipping business. Although I did not go to the program out in Silicon Valley, I continued to further my career with dropshipping. After starting a few minor projects, I created my own company known as TheVisors. I was able to create a new trend in the party/fashion industry that went viral throughout the summer of 2018. Both social media icons and influencers promoted and loved the product. After a few months of success from the brand, I sold the company altogether since I did not have the same love for it as I did before, and focused on starting much more profitable ideas by working with US distributors for my eCommerce stores. I currently own Hermes Strategies, which helps businesses grow in several different aspects and I created a clothing brand known as 5am Collection."