December 2017 - May 2018
Dropshipping with USA Distributors

The early stages of Alec's career was strictly focused on dropshipping. He made simple, yet profitable brands with products like phone cases and watches. These types of stores brought in enough revenue and knowledge that allowed him to elevate to the next level. Brand after brand, Alec slowly became tired of something that was not permanent and decided to move on. 

May 2018 - June 2019
The Visors

Alec realized that he wanted to do something bigger than sell random products online, and created a brand known as The Visors. The signature rainbow design was created by himself, and became a huge trend throughout social media. Alec partnered with numerous influential figures and marketed the product correctly, which allowed the company to take off. He decided to created a trend instead of following one and took a risk. 

August 2018 - December 2018
Mentorship Program

After months of success and experience with eCommerce, Alec decided to share information with like-minded individuals. When he was first starting out it was extremely difficult to be guided correctly. Several people attempted to take advantage of him, which led to frustration. Alec did not want anyone to go through the troubles he went through, especially because of how negative it was to him. He released a mentorship program to teach people how to dropship differently from the rest. 

June 2019 - Present
Hermes Strategies

With years of experience behind him, Alec opened up an agency to help other businesses and personal brands grow. His expertise ranges anywhere from social media marketing to web design. Alec believes that a way a person or brand is depicted on social media is indicative of their overall growth and success. He stands behind every client he has and values the needs of the project at hand. 

September 2019 - January 2020
5am Collection

Over the summer Alec Hermes started to notice that waking up at 5 am was less of a requirement, and more of something he was willing to do. Alec realized that being awake much earlier than others allowed him to have time for himself. No one in his home would be awake at that time, meaning that he could shower, read emails, be efficient, and do much more an hour or two ahead of everyone else.